A typical LifeGroup meeting

We always have snacks or a meal. We have a couple of relevant worship songs followed by a short, 20 minute talk. Our groups are about 20-50 people, so interaction during the message is personal. Then we'll get into groups of about 4 and have lots of time to discuss our thoughts on the message and how it relates to our lives. We also dedicate time to personal ministry, so if you have a need (like we all do so often), you will get prayer and encouragement.

Celebration Service

On Sundays we have a special service when all our LifeGroups meet together for testimonies and a celebration of what God is doing in our lives and outreaches. Instead of a sermon, we give testimonies of healing or God's work in our lives, share original songs, writings or messages, then we take communion together. Gospel Life practices open communion and we welcome all people without regard to church or denominational affiliation.